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Donate Securely To Coastside Hope

Your donation will be used to provide necessities to enhance quality of life for all our neighbors.


Client Story

Coastside Hope has been a lifesaver! We’ve received diapers and wipes every month since my daughter was born. As a single mom I’ve really appreciated the support and also a feeling of community during the pandemic. Coastside Hope also makes my daughter feel special during the holidays when she receives a Christmas present from them! She enjoys going there to see friendly faces! We are grateful for all you do for us! Thank you! -Sonia

As a single mother with two kids living here on the coast, it has often been a struggle just to make ends meet. When Covid-19 struck and many jobs were put on hold, my situation went from challenging, to extremely worrisome. I wasn’t able to pay my rent or provide as usual for my children. Coastside Hope helped me with the necessary paperwork and guidance to establish rental assistance while I am working to get back up on my feet. They have been so much more however, they have been kind, supportive, and true to their name, they have given me hope that we are all going to get through this together as a community. I am truly grateful for the support I have received from Coastside Hope. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. -Sarah

Coastside Hope’s vision is a strong community where neighbors prosper together.